Plymouth County Iowa

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From the Left to the Right

(Craig Anderson, John Meis, Don Kass,  Stacey Feldman Auditor, Gary Horton, Mark Loutsch)


Term is four years; bond no less than $100,000.

The board of supervisors consists of five members, serving four years each.

The board of supervisors is the legislative body of the county.


The following are some of their more important duties and powers:

                Approve bonds of county officials.

                Establish and vacate public highways.

                Levy taxes to raise revenue for county purposes.

                Allow claims against the county and order same to be paid.

                Fill vacancies in county offices, except of its own body.

                Constitute a drainage board to the various districts of the county.

                Make official canvass of the votes of the county at the primary and general election.

Vacancies in the board of supervisors are filled by appointment made by the county auditor, county treasurer and county recorder. 


The Board of Supervisors hold regular meetings on the second secular day in January, the first Tuesday in April and the second Tuesday in June, September, and November, and adjourned meetings every Tuesday.

Board Of Supervisors Committees/Boards    
Craig Anderson Don Kass Mark Loutsch Gary Horton
Workforce Development R.E.A.P. Board (Alternate) Plymouth County Landfill Board Loess Hills Alliance Board Member
E-911 Board Little Sioux Water Shed Plymouth County Planning Council Siouxland Regional Housing Authority Board
County Safety Board Synergy Board (Alternate) LeMars Business Initiative Corp. Board (Liason Alternate) SRTPA Board
SRTPA Board, Alternate Mid Sioux Opportunity Board Synergy Board Big Sioux Corridor Board
SIMPCO MPO & SIMPCO Executive Board Mental Health Crisis Board Sioux Rivers Regional Mental Health Board NW Early Childhood Iowa (Empowerment)
Woodbury Co. Assessor's Office Conference Board Youth Emergency Services Board (YES Center) Mental Health Crisis Board Sioux Rivers Mental Health Region Board
Hungary Canyons AllianceBoard Sioux Rivers Mental Health Board Plains Area MH Board (Alternate) Siouxland Regional Transit System Board
Local EMA Planning Commission 3rd Judicial District   West Central Iowa Housing and Community Improvement Trust Fund
Loess Hills Development & Conservation Plains Area Mental MH Board (Liason)    
I.P.A.I.T. Board
R.E.A.P. Board      
Hazmat Board      

Board of Supervisors


John Meis

Dist 1    


716 4th Ave SE

Le Mars, IA  51031


Mark Loutsch

Dist 2    


100 9th Ave SE     

Le Mars, IA 51031


Don Kass 

Dist 3


48138 190th St

Remsen, IA 51050


Craig Anderson

Dist 4    


24999 Jade Ave

Merrill, IA 51038


Gary Horton

Dist 5


850 Hardy St

Akron, IA 51001

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John Meis
E-911 Board, Alternate
SIMPCO, Alternate
Loess Hills Alliance Board
Floyd Valley Community Health Services Advisory Committee
Life Skills Board
LeMars Business Initiative Corp. (Liason)
Plymouth County Safety Departmental Meeting
Plymouth County Wellness Committee
Northwest Iowa Developers (NWID) Board
Plymouth CO. Board of Health Planning Council

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