Submit a Storm Report to the Plymouth County Disaster Services

Please limit your submissions to events in which you have witnessed at least one of the following:

  1. Hail: Dime-sized or larger.

  2. Strong and/or Damaging Winds: Wind gusts in excess of 55 mph (Please indicate whether winds were estimated or measured). Wind damage to structures (building, houses, barns, etc.), vehicles or trees.

  3. Tornado: Please be as descriptive as possible (time, location, movement, etc.).

  4. Heavy Rain: 0.50 inches or more in an hour or less; 1.00 inches or more in 12 hours or less; or any event with 2.00 inches or more.

  5. Flooding: Please be as descriptive as possible (water over the road, river out of banks, property damage due to flooding, etc.).

  6. Heavy Snow: 4 or more inches in 24 hours or less. 2 of more inches in 12 hours or less. 1 inch of snow per hour. 

  7. Icing: Any ice accretion (on roads, trees, power lines, etc.).

Severe Weather Report Form  


1.) Observer Information
Please give us your name and phone number including area code (so that we may contact you if we have further questions). This information is optional, but we would like to know your affiliation.

Your Name:
Your Phone Number: (optional)
Your Affiliation:

2.) Time and Location
Enter the date and time of the severe weather event (in local time) and where the event was observed. Time and location of severe weather is very important so please be as exact and specific as possible.

Date of Event:
Time of Event:
Event County:
Event Location:

3.) Type of Weather Event
You may select more than one type of event.

Tornadic activity:
Estimated wind speed
(and damage):
Hail diameter:
Other weather: Heavy Rain Flooding Heavy Snow Icing Other damage (specify below)

4.) Description of Weather Event
Please give a description of the event in sufficient detail (see above for specific information ). 

5.) Extra Observations
Only fill out this section if you are a trained spotter or cooperative observer.

Measured wind gust: mph
Storm rainfall: inches
(began at , ended at )
Storm snowfall: inches
(began at , ended at )

6.) Submit Your Report
Click on "Submit Report" to send your severe weather report to the Plymouth County Storm Center. If you wish to start over, click on "Reset Form". If your browser does not support forms, send an e-mail to the storm reports focal point click here, and try to answer as many questions from the online form as you can.

The Plymouth Disaster Services Storm Center thanks you for your report!

This page last updated: March 31, 2022